Friday, November 6, 2009

This is a front cover of magazine "lucky". Im not sure whats it about I think its about jewelry, clothes and some other stuff for women. There type logo is part behind of Milla Jovocich head and she is known from playing in movies like Resen evil. Logo is in white and background is pink, and its easy to read and those two colors work good together. Other type on the cover is info about whats in this magazine issue. Some is in black some in white and what they want most attention is in red. There is white font in black box at top which says "The Magazine About Shoping", so its shopping magazine.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is a cover of a magazine typo. The magazine for type. It is there 5th Annual Typography Issue and that I think about that part of the type on the page is that they would maybe make it a bit bigger and more important. Other type that they have on the game is there logo "typo" with "p" reverse. I don't know if all of there front pages game there logo "typo" sideways but in this case it looks good and if anybody know about this magazine without reading they will know what it says. I like that they have color change on "p" and made the small latter kinda connecting "p" the same color. Over all color with type and pictures works.