Monday, October 31, 2011

Well designed Audi on track
Awesome video with designed car.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prehistoric Art - Mesolithic / Archaic

The Mesolithic is the period of middle Stone Age, from about 10,000 - 5,000 BC years ago. It corresponds to period of primarily nomadic hunting and gathering which preceded the adoption of domesticated plants and animals.

The term Mesolithic is used to characterize that period in Europe and, sometimes, parts of Africa and Asia. That stage is usually called the Archaic in the Americas and in the rest of the world, it's usually characterized by Microliths.

This was a period when humans developed new techniques of stone working. At that time, people stayed longer in one place and gave increased attention to the domestication. There is a gap in the artistic activity of people of that epoch. Most of what has survived from the Mesolithic era is small statuette size works and paintings in shallow shelter caves.

The rich art of the Paleolithic is replaced by a Mesolithic art that is quite different. There are many changes in style as well as meaning. Upper Paleolithic cave art depicts colored drawings and expressive features of animals. A full range of color is used. Mesolithic art in contrast is schematic; no realistic figures are present and only the color red is used. This form is also found in North Africa and the northern Mediterranean.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amazing hand art

Different animals made entirely out of painting on hands

Monday, October 3, 2011

Arts and Crafts Movement

Arts and Crafts was an international design philosophy that originated in England[1] and flourished between 1860 and 1910 (especially the second half of that period), continuing its influence until the 1930s.[2] Instigated by the artist and writer William Morris (1834–1896) during the 1860s[1] and inspired by the writings of John Ruskin (1819–1900), it had its earliest and most complete development in the British Isles[2] but spread to Europe and North America.[3] It was largely a reaction against the impoverished state of the decorative arts and the conditions by which they were produced.[4]

The philosophy was an advocacy of traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and often medieval, romantic or folk styles of decoration. It also included advocacy of economic and social reform and has been considered as essentially anti-industrial

Monday, September 26, 2011

Super Sprayer

Creation of a distant world.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tech Talk

The actress Julie Newmar discusses her book ‘‘The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth’’ and her varied acting career — which once included playing an android. George Gene Gustines and Adam W. Kepler, of the ArtsBeat blog at The Times, debate the pros and cons of reading comic books on paper versus on the iPad.

Segments (time on counter)
News (33:56)
Julie Newmar (22:34)
Animated GIFs (15:52)
Comic books on the iPad (12:52)
Tip of the Week (4:47)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Photoshop disasters

The french are up in arms again at British tourists taxing the motorway system with their darned driving on the wrong side of the road.

French readers feel free to submit correct translations …
The article is based on this publication which is a newsletter from a french politician, Ex-Minister from Sarkozy. The goal of the picture is to show the saturation of the traffic on the "peripherique" , the highway belt around Paris.

As Folk Art Museum Teeters, a Huge Loss Looms

The American Folk Art Museum is threatening to dissolve, and disperse its outsider art collection to other museums. That would be a huge mistake.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

iPod on black market

A woman thought she got a bargain when she bought what she thought was an iPad in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Ashley McDowell, 22, only discovered after she got home that she’d splashed out $180 – for an iPlank.

Instead of the cutting edge tablet, she got a block of painted wood with an Apple logo.

Ashley McDowell spent $180 for iPad, but when she got home she discovered she's bought a piece of painted wood with an Apple logo on it

Ashley McDowell spent $180 for iPad, but when she got home she discovered she's bought a piece of painted wood with an Apple logo on it

Miss McDowell told the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s office in South Carolina that she was scammed by two men who approached her on Monday night and offered to sell her a cheap iPad.

The men claimed they bought the computers in bulk and were selling them at a cut rate $300 each, well below the regular list price of $499.

Although Miss McDowell said she only had $180, the men quickly agreed to the additional discount and she paid out the cash without checking inside the box.

It was only later that she opened the FedEx packaging to find she’d been duped.

The screen was painted, framed with black tape and had pasted icons for a web browser, email inbox and iPhoto. A fake Best Buy sales receipt was also in the box.

The men took off in a Chevvy Impala, but police said thery were not close to an arrest.